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Walk & Talk Sessions

Walk and Talk therapy is when, instead of sitting in front of a therapist in a traditional therapy room setting, the session takes place outdoors walking side by side in nature. For some it feels easier and more natural to discuss problems in a more relaxed way whilst walking. Being outside can help people to feel more grounded by being able to observe the world around us. We can breathe in fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun or the fresh wind on our face, we feel energised, and our mood is often boosted by these experiences.

I am able to offer a safe listening space even though we are outside and may pass other walkers or runners.  We may slow our pace when needed, pause the conversation when needed, speed up if needed or just sit. Walking can reflect the emotions being experienced or the story being shared, we can walk hard and fast or soft and gentle which ever matches the situation or your current need. 

I work in an environment that has accessible paths for wheelchair users, however the paths may become more of less accessible depending on the weather and numbers of other people in the setting at the time. In these instances, there are opportunities to have our session away from the crowds in a secluded seating area. There are opportunities to hire mobility scooters if required and accessible facilities are available. Please feel free to discuss any access needs you may have in our initial consultation.

There is currently a growing body of research that suggests walk and talk therapy can have a significant impact on improving emotional well-being and can reduce many symptoms of common mental health conditions.

“There’s no WiFi in the forest, but I promise you you’ll find a better connection”

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